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Buying your perfect eyewear is often difficult for some people, we advise you to look into the face chart and identify your face shape first.
Our consultants suggest you the best eyewear according to your face shape.


Heart shaped face has broader forehead narrower jaw line and chin and high cheek bones.There are many classy eye-wears which you would like to wear but wear what suits you the most. Frames wider than forehead with little details on lower half would suit this shape. People having this shape of face can buy light colors to enhance the beauty.


Oblong face is one of the easiest face shapes to buy eye-wears for.
This shape has prominent jaw line, angular features and wide forehead.
Round or swept shaped frames with thinner outline and neutral colors soften the face cut.


Diamond shaped faces have dramatic, high cheekbone ends, narrow at the eye line and jaw line.
To have a perfect eyewear, try rimless frames. Cat eye or oval frames would go with it too.
These eye-wears broaden the appearance of chin.


The top of triangular shape is heavier than the bottom.
To broaden the appearance of chin and balance the overall shape level, buy metal or plastic frames with arch bridge size.
Eye-drop lenses would add beauty to your glasses. Avoid frames that are broad from the top.